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How do I make my passion my day job?

Well, you've come to the right place. We've designed our Career Development Pathway to be suited to your needs. Whether you're just out of school or already running a well established gym we can give you what you need to grow.

Coaching Courses

Parkour Fitness

PK Fit Trainer

Enter a new world of fitness. You've heard of functional fitness, but now it's time to take on THE function of the body. In this course you'll cover both the 1st and 2nd Level Trainer Qualifications as presented by the Parkour Fitness Specialist Programme created by Parkour Generations. You'll cover everything from an introduction to basic parkour fitness principles and methods to being able to deliver parkour fitness sessions as both group training and personal training paradigms. Take advantage of having complete access to the Limtiless Membership, provided by our partner PKGen Herts, as part of your course to ensure you're able to demonstrate and perform movement based exercises at a high standard.



Complete Packages

Full Coach Package

We get it, you're not part time, you're all in, you want the full package. By taking on the Full Coaching Package you'll be able to perfect those coaching skills by spending up to two years covering both the Assistant and Higher Level Coaching courses in one well presented package. Meet with other coaches and learn in real time what it takes to handle groups and private clients. Find your niche, offer your time to children desperate to learn from you or to elite athletes looking for that piece of advice that'll give them their edge.

Coach and Fitness Package

Take on this course and become the Ultimate Coach. With not just two Coaching Certificates but also, two Parkour Fitness Qualifications, no one will be able to turn you down. Don't take things lightly, this is going to be an intense two years of hard work, mastering movement, training paradigms and coaching skills. But once you graduate you will be safe in the knowledge that you've earned every student who will be jumping to sign up to your sessions.