PK Fit Trainer - 2 Year Course

PK Fit Trainer - 2 Year Course

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Level 1 & 2 Parkour Fitness Trainer

You want to stand out from the crowd and take your career to the next level. That’s where the Parkour Fitness Trainer Course will take you. You’ll be the most advanced exercise professional in the area, specialising in THE function of the human body, and it’ll make your career soar.

What Is PK Fit and How Will I Use It?

One of the latest trends to hit the fitness industry, movement based training will stretch your professional limits and will become an essential part of what you offer as an exercise professional. You’ll help athletes reach their peak performance through cutting edge coaching, devising resistance training programmes, pushing the boundaries of mobility and stability, and coaching for recovery and regeneration in any environment. You’ll be equipped to get the best from your clients and elevate their output.

You’re fully committed to the fitness game and you’re ready for more. Parkour Fitness opens up the elite fitness world to you - not only will you be earning more, with hard work you’ll build your reputation to a whole new level.


How Do I Get PK Fit Qualified?

Launch straight into the course from the start, we'll cover the Level 1 first and quickly get you moving on to the Level 2. You’ll be committing yourself to working with the highest level of sports and fitness performance so expect to put in the hours to get there.

The Parkour Fitness qualifications are delivered by Parkour Generations - the first official UK company to bring the fitness industry and parkour together. You’re starting off on the best foot by accessing this top-quality training.

Get yourself ahead of the crowd with hands on training and flexible learning. You'll come away with:

  • Level 1 Trainer Ceritificate
  • Level 2 Trainer Certificate
  • We'll also continue to provide career support once you pass for one year. Unless you accept a job from one of our partners, then we'll support you for life

You'll also receive as part of your course:

  • Regular contact with a tutor both in person and online
  • A personalised and updating training plan to help you go from couch to coach
  • Discounts on Partner Events
  • Free Limitless Membership with our Partner, PKGen Herts



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